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US Stock of the Day is for traders who are looking for a US Stock to trade each day. I base my picks on US Stocks I follow on the Nasdaq, Dow, S&P and other indices such as the Russell 1000, etc., watching for a swing in the momentum upward. I keep a tight stop loss on all trades to minimize my risk... and allow the great stock trades to continue rising. These are not recommendations... merely entertainment. Please see the warning at the bottom of this page.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

US Stock of the Day Update for July 9, 2011

What a great week!

For the sake of those who are newer to this site, I thought I'd provide a little review.  I began with these principles in mind:
  • Capital Preservation:  I don't want to lose money.
  • Momentum Purchasing:  I invest as stocks move up, not down.
  • Profits in my Pockets:  I sell stocks if they turn down and move on to the next upswing.
  • Maximum Returns:  I allow winning stocks to run higher, broadening my stop losses (i.e. with a stock up 5% I may set my stop loss around 2%... with a stock up 25% I may broaden my stop loss to around 17%, allowing it to dip a bit and then turn around if it's going to and continue on the upward pace).
I'm not trying to take great risks... in fact, this portfolio is rather risk adverse.  When purchasing the stock of the day, the only time I won't confirm the order is if in pre-market conditions, the stock is up 2% or more because purchasing such a stock automatically increases my risk by 2% or more.  I want the price to travel up through my buy price, not start way above it, dive down through it triggering the purchase and then lose for the day.

Well, that's enough for now... if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me @  Also, you can visit my other sites including, a site for Weekend Investors who don't have the time nor desire to watch a stock a day.

Here's where we stand so far...

I began on June 8th... with a refined strategy that I paper traded for a while.  Once I saw the incredible success, even in difficult months where most stocks were losing value, I went public.  In one month, this portfolio is up a cumulative 72.1%.

GMCR - purchase on June 14 @ $76.23 sitting today @ $96.20, a 26.2% gain.   I'm raising my stop losses to... 1/2 @ $91.05 and the other 1/2 @ $87.35.

FOSL - purchase on June 27 @ $114.11 sitting today @ $124.65, a 9.2% gain.  I'm raising my stop loss to $120.50.

SINA - purchased on June 28 @ $96.34 sitting today @ $113.58, a 17.9% gain.  I'm raising my stop losses to... 1/2 @$109.35 and the other 1/2 @ $106.54.

BPI - purchased on June 30 @ $24.21 sitting today @ $27.25, a 12.6% gain.  I'm raising my stop loss to $26.04.

July 8th, I chose EGO @ $16.42 with a stop loss @ $16.25, triggering and selling within the day for a 1% loss.


The Overall total return is 72.1% since my first purchase approximately one month ago.

So far... 5 winners... 1 even... and 3 losers (at -1% each) for a great overall profit.

See you later this weekend for a new pick for Monday!

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