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US Stock of the Day is for traders who are looking for a US Stock to trade each day. I base my picks on US Stocks I follow on the Nasdaq, Dow, S&P and other indices such as the Russell 1000, etc., watching for a swing in the momentum upward. I keep a tight stop loss on all trades to minimize my risk... and allow the great stock trades to continue rising. These are not recommendations... merely entertainment. Please see the warning at the bottom of this page.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

US Stock of the Day for August 22, 2011

We continue to sit in a down trough... 
And we continue to experience great returns using this Daily Investor Strategy

Let's see where we stand...

For August 19th, I chose SODA @ $40.75 with a stop loss @ $40.34.  It opened up (as pre-market indicated) above our 2% threshold.  Remember, we always check our stocks at pre-market and if they open 2% or higher, we do not enter.  Therefore, we took a pass on this stock position.

For August 22nd, I'm choosing HANS @ $81.68 with a stop loss @ $80.86.


The Overall total return is 74.8% since my first purchase in June.

So far... 8 winners... 2 even... and 9 losers (at -1% each, and one at 0.3%) for a great overall profit.

I would encourage you, especially if you're looking for a more stable, weekly approach to trading, to look at  

See you tomorrow!

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