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US Stock of the Day is for traders who are looking for a US Stock to trade each day. I base my picks on US Stocks I follow on the Nasdaq, Dow, S&P and other indices such as the Russell 1000, etc., watching for a swing in the momentum upward. I keep a tight stop loss on all trades to minimize my risk... and allow the great stock trades to continue rising. These are not recommendations... merely entertainment. Please see the warning at the bottom of this page.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

US Stock of the Day for June 24, 2011

Hello there... before reviewing the current positions, I thought I'd take just a moment to review a few of the benefits of the approach followed here at US Stock of the Day!
  1. Purchasing rising stocks - If the stock doesn't rise, then the purchase isn't made.  So if the markets drop, and the stock drops, a dollar is never invested and, therefore, a dollar is never lost.
  2. Putting profits in pockets - If stocks rise, we profit... if they drop, we eventually sell for a profit.  There's no sense letting them drop to the point of a loss.
  3. Limiting risk - I keep a tight stop loss on all purchases... only raising those stop losses when the stock prices have risen... for the greatest profit!
Perhaps in the next week or so, I'll explain this process a little more... but for now, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Now, for the positions held...

GMCR - purchase on June 14 @ $76.23 sitting today @ $84.89, a 11.4% gain.   I'm keeping my stop loss @ $80.26.

ISRG - sold for an even trade @ $346.25.

June 23rd, I chose SPRD @ $13.83 with a stop loss @ $13.69 but it did not trigger.

For June 24th, I'm choosing TPX @ $66.50 with a stop loss @ $65.83.

OVERALL - With one stock closed out at -1%, the Overall total return is 19.6% so far in difficult an unpredictable market conditions.

So far... 2 winners... 1 even... and 1 loser (at -1%) for a great overall profit.

See you on tomorrow!

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